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au: Harry almost misses One Directions award at the Brits because of his son.


Can you explain the jealousy jokes? I'm not new to the fandom, but I've never understood why people joke about Louis's jealousy. :)


Louis’ jealousy is not a laughing matter my friend, this

is not the face of a man who likes jokes. this is the face of a man who is contemplating how to destroy everything the first person harry kissed loves.

this is the face of a man who murdered a girl in the bathroom of a nightclub

this is liam risking his life bringing up louis’ least favorite ship

here’s a visual demonstrating louis’ general disgust for narry 

that sigh was felt by people on planets that haven’t even been discovered yet, it may have created the wind on their planet for all we know

if that doesn’t scream ‘don’t touch my stuff’ I don’t know what does

no really liam…

in which louis is the human version of the knife emoji

he also isn’t into zayn needing to speak to harry on stage

louis would make a great hall monitor 

and of course last but not least, louis ultimate favorite of all favorite things

and you’re thinking ‘hey maybe he’s over it!’

nope he’s still killing her softy 

so the moral of the story is, louis doesn’t like anything + harry 

im trying to do more thing but im so fucking busy 


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I'm making an AU post, is it okay if I use of of your tweets. I'll be sure to give you credit. Please?

Sure, no problem :)